Fuel prices in France archive
  Source of data: European Commission
European Commission Energy Data and analysis Weekly Oil Bulletin
Data source for the current week: Weekly Oil Bulletin #2077 by the European Commission ( .xlsx file)
Price list published on fuel-prices.eu: Thursday 2nd of December 2021 09:11:51 PM CET
Price list received by the European Commission on: 29 Nov. 2021 CET
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Fuel prices can go up and down due to a combination of factors:
Changes in international benchmark prices
The value of the EURO(€) relative to the US dollar
Levels of competition in different areas
Pricing decisions by wholesalers and retailers
The cost of crude oil
Refining costs and profits
Distribution and marketing costs and profits
Supply and demand
Euro-super-95 price France 19-07-2021
Price list published on https://ec.europa.eu: 19-07-2021 CET (DD/MM/YYYY)
Source of data: 177 combined reports from the European Commission regarding France. (To see individual reports please see the specific country archive.)
For this report, we used the fuel price archives in France.