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Austria flag Austria (AT)
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Croatia flag Croatia (HR)
Cyprus flag Cyprus (CY)
Czechia flag Czechia (CZ)
Denmark flag Denmark (DK)
Estonia flag Estonia (EE)
Finland flag Finland (FI)
France flag France (FR)
Germany flag Germany (DE)
Greece flag Greece (GR)
Hungary flag Hungary (HU)
Ireland flag Ireland (IE)
Italy flag Italy (IT)
Latvia flag Latvia (LV)
Lituania flag Lituania (LT)
Luxembourg (LU) flag Luxembourg (LU)
Malta (MT) flag Malta (MT)
Netherlands (NL) flag Netherlands (NL)
Poland (PL) flag Poland (PL)
Portugal (PT) flag Portugal (PT)
Romania (RO) flag Romania (RO)
Slovakia (SK) flag Slovakia (SK)
Slovenia (SI) flag Slovenia (SI)
Spain (ES) flag Spain (ES)
Sweden (SE) flag Sweden (SE)
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